ISBN, ISMN and ISSN are known world wide as a unique machinereadable identification number which marks any book, musical and periodical edition unmistakably.
ISBN, ISMN and ISSN are the basis for interrelation of three component parts of the print edition-publishing, distribution and trade and library practices.
The number is assigned to a separate edition and the order processing and distribution are fulfilled by means of this numbering.
The information about the print edition is available through internet by using ISBN, ISMN , ISSN.
The Department of ISBN, ISMN and ISSN:
Gives ISBN for books, ISMN for musical editions and ISSN for periodicals to publishers and authors;
Undertakes the control on assigning and maintaining the international standard number.
The publishers must assign their respective numbers to the publications in order to insert them into the international Directory.
The distributors' work becomes legal by using international standard numbers.
Whenever a book or a periodical is printed illegally, i.e. by neglecting the publishing houses, such material is not registered anywhere and it makes difficult to control them.
Publishers and authors are to submit four copies of the publication to the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia.

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) agency is located in London.

ISMN (International Standard Music Number) agency is located in Berlin.

ISSN  (International Standard Serial Number) centre is located in Paris.

Address: 5 Gudiashvili (Building No I, 1st floor)
Working hours: every day from 10:00 to 18:00 except Saturdays and Sundays
Tel.: +(995 32) 297 16 32