T. Simashvili.  Murder of Ilia Chavchavadze, Social-Democrats and "Okhranka"

T. Simashvili.  "Al-Kaida" on the Boundary of the 21st Century

A. Eliashvili.  Elections as the Political Sign


M. Lobjanidze.  Migration Questions of Young Georgian Women

M. Lobjanidze.  The Trefficking Problems of Young Georgian Women


Z. Latibashvili.  Influence of Short-term Intensive 4- Weekly Work on the Biochemical Indices of the Internal Organs of the White Rats


N. Chitorelidze.  About Triglycerides', High Compacted Lipoproteins', Cholesterols' and Apolipoprotein B's interaction Among the Patients With Ischemic Heart Diseases


N. Tsikarishvili.  The Old Carpets as Segmentof the Tourism Market

T. Bukia, N. Khaduri.  Agrotourism – the Significant Partof World Tourism Industrial


N. Chavchavadze, K. Chigogidze, N. Kardava.  Psychological Charactersitics of the Advertisement Operation

N. Khmaladze.  Management Style, Traits of Managersand Aspects of Georgian Culture

M. Gogishvili.  Aspects of Transformation and ConflictResolve in Tskhinvali Region

K. Kopaliani, L. Nakashidze.  Socio-Psychological Analysisof the Coach's Activity in the Effective Work of a Sports Team of Adolescents

M. Merkviladze, M. Metrevely, Z. Latibashvili.  Emotional Perception - as the Majorfactor of Music Perceptionat the Low-order Teenage Period


T. Mebuke.  Reflection of Mythological Archetypesin James Joyce's Novel "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man"

V. Chania.  Konstantine Gamsakhurdia and Abkhazia

T. Chumburidze.  G. Peradze Towards the Literary Life of Soviet Georgia

L. Pirtskhalava.  On the Problem of Translation of the Title of E. O'Neill's Drama "Mourning Becomes Electra"

A. Japaridze.  Turkish Writers of the Tanzimat Epochabout Divani Literature

I. Bagdoniene.  The Collision of Hellenic and Christiancultures in D. Merezhkovski's early creation. ("Julian the Apostate")

D. Solomnishvili.  Vaso Godziashvili's Role in the Estrade-Art

History, Archaeology, Ethnography

A. Tvaradze.  Problem of Religious Tolerance in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Time

T. Pitiurishvili.  The Public Alliance and the Leader in the Revolution of 1979 of Iran

K. Lomouri.  To the Question of Ethnogenesis of Ancient Population of the Central Caucasus

J. Kvitsiani, I. Kvitsiani.  Political Islam on the Caucasus on the Edge of XX-XXI Centuries


G. Varshalomidze.  Beva 371-material of Conservation

S. Chitorelidze.  Kuznecov's Ceramic Products Saved in State Museum of Georgia

G. Gvaladze.  Nato Vachnadze's Cooperation With Esther Shubb

T. Shamugia.  Culture and Language Relation Taking into Account Aspects of Regional Geography

S. Manizhashvili, I. Ahvlediani, E. Berelashvili.  "Diamonds" in XVII –XIX Centures Along the Materials Kept in Georgia

T. Chabukiani.  Virtual Reality and Georgian TV-Fairy Tale

T. Marekhashvili.  Pictorial Enamel – its Technique and Technology

T. Marekhashvili.  Traces of the Past Glory -Plique-a-Jour

R. Maisuradze, O. Shudra.  Culture and Ethics at the Office

T. Zhvania.  Timbre of Instrument and Georgian Musical Aesthetics

G. Lomadze.  On the Issue of Thematic Development of the Third Symphony by Andria Balanchivadze

M. Kiknadze.  "Berdo Zmania" by Sandro Shanshiashvili and its Interpretation on the Georgian Drama Stage

N. Gogelia.  Literary Sources of Annual Icons

Kh. Nonikashvili.  The Persian acting in the Miniatures of "Shakh-Name"

L. Chkheidze.  The Dance "Kchanjluri"


R. Ramishvili.  Towards the one Georgian Lexical Units Coming from Iranian

M. Gambashidze.  Pragmatic Valency Expression Tools in the Nominal Syntagm With Differentiated Adjectives

T. Mdivani.  Secondary Phraseologization in Biblicisms

I. Abashidze.  The Words Contractions in Contemporary Jewish Language

Information Sciences

M. Zakariashvili.  Computing Experiment in an Excel on an Example of the Solving of Transcendental Equations

M. Kharazishvili.  On Forming the Students Literacy in Information Technologies

V. Kvantaliani, T. Sabanadze.  Usability - There is no Limit to Perfection: Simplicity of Use, Convenience of Work