N. Gomarteli.  The Ideology of Tudors' Dynasty and the Problem of Modern Political Rule Structure


I. Batiashvili.  The Time Conception by Aristotle's Treatise "About Soul"

E. Lekvekheliani.  Meister Ekhart's Doctrine on Soul


M. Osmanov, M. Aligadzhiev, F. Amaeva.  Some Biological and Ecological Aspects of Migration of the Azov-Black Sea Inhabitant Acartia Clausi Giesbrecht (Calanoida, Acartidae) in to the Middle Caspy

M. Mikadze.  Useful Fossils, Mineral Waters and Other Natural Resources of Samtskhe-Javakheti


E. Islammagomedova, F. Islamova.  Nutrient Media Composition Influense on the Phisiological-biochemical Index of Yeast

History, Archaeology, Ethnography

L. Jibladze, L. Dzidziguri, B. Murvanidze.  On One Type of Ancient Settlements of the Bronze-Early Iron Ages at the Kolkheti Lawland

G. Bogveradze.  A Question about the Ratification of Military Contract of 1919 Between Georgia and Azerbaijan

D. Mindorashvili.  For Precising of Vakhushti Bagrationi's One Information

E. Kvachantiradze.  Certain Issues of Georgian-Armenian Relationship (1918)

T. Todua.  Eastern Black Sea Area in the System of Byzantine World (VI c. A.D.)

M. Natsvaladze.  Towards of Subjective Reasons of Creation of Eufimi Bolkhovitinov's Work "Historical Picture of Georgia"

F. Sikharulidze.  The Goals of South Caucasian Studies

G. Chkhaidze.  On the History of the Georgian State Museum

N. Akhmeteli, B. Lortkipanidze.  For the Issue of Participation of Indo-European People in Mtkvari-Araksi Culture (according to the archaeological materials)

E. Kopaliani, Iv. Tsiklauri.  Godserving Places in Prehistoric Society as a Phenomenon of Intratribal and Tribal Communication (on the example of the Caucasus)

G. Kipiani.  Uplistsikhe. Attribution of Caves and Problems of Dating

M. Kevlishvili.  The Institute of Fosterage in Caucasus

L. Melikishvili.  The Ethnological Aspects of Values and Simbols in the Conflicting Society

Sh. Isaev.  Two Letters of Irakli II to Daghestanian Societies of Chamalal and Tindi

N. Gambashidze.  The Origin and Development of Rosary

R. Daushvili.  The Caucasian Confederation

T. Ivelashvili.  Marriage with Ransom According to the Georgian Ethnographical Materials

O. Gogolishvili.  The English in Batumi


K. Shavgulidze.  Traditional and Innovated Means in Scenography of E. Akhvlediani (on example of K. Kaladze's play "How?")

T. Beridze.  Czech Musician Ioseb Ratili in Georgia (the 160th Birth Anniversary)

N. Chikovani.  Georgia on the Crossroad of Civilizations

M. Mshvildadze.  Discussing Several Gemstones from the National Library of France, Found on the Territory of Georgia


R. Inasaridze.  Methods of Radiosources' Observation


N. Kipiani.  V. I. Abajev: The Idea of "Small" and "Great Semantics"

S. Melikidze.  The System of the Surnames Formed with -ze and - shvili Affixoids

V. Kikilashvili.  The Vowel System of Ibero-Caucasian Languages

Kh. Usufkhadgieva.  The Stylistical Function of Connotial Lexic in Chechen Literature

A. Khasueva.  The Complex Sentesces in Chechen Lliterary Language

M. Sagliani.  The Elision in Svan Language

B. Tskhadadze.  The Kartvelian (Georgian) Ethnonym Amazon (/amazun/amozon) /Amordzali

M. Alekseev.  The Peculiarities of Attributive Word-Combination with Dependent Noun in Russian and Daghestanian Languages

S. Zabitov.  About Two Case of Neutralization of Arabic Phonemes Adopting in Nakh-Daghestanian Languages

E. Sheikhov.  Grammatical Categories and Verb's Forms in Russian and Daghestanian Languageas

K. Sokhadze.  The Term "Semodgoma" and One More Experience of its Determination

Z. Ismailova.  A.Dirr - Lexicographer

I. Chantladze, E. Gazdeliani.  Inverted Index of "Svan dictionary"

B. Ataev.  First Written Monuments of the Avar Language

I. Efendiev.  The Number, the Subject Composition and the Place of Iranian Words in the Avar Language


I. Modebadze.  The Process of Formation of Soviet Person Moral Code and Seventh Commandment (according to the materials of Russian and Georgian prose 20-s of the XX century)

L. Jokhadze.  The Word Concept in Translating Hagiographic Texts

R. Chilaia.  Relationship Between the Author and the Characters in His Works

R. Geibullaeva.  Literary Universalies in a Culturological Types Context

M. Robakidze.  About the Idea of "Narrowness" and "Completeness" of the Man in the Rustaveli's Poem "The Knight in the Panther's Skin"

M. Tsintsabadze.  Queen Ketevan and the Christian Culture (according to the materials of the XVII, XVIII and first half of the XIX centuries)

T. Mamedova.  The Appearence and Development of the Dramaturgical Genre in Azerbaijanian Literature

E. Tskhadadze.  The Image-Symbols of Egyptian Myfhology in Artistic Texts of Grigol Robakidze


N. Basiladze.  V.A. Sukhomlinski and Georgia

R. Buchukuri. The Question of Methodological Continuum in Music Teachers Training Process

M. Mnatobishvili. Usage of Technical Instrument "Seismogram", During the Balancered Exercise "Pyramid" in Sport Acrobatics

M. Mirianashvili.  The First Alphabetical Book of I. Gogebashvili


J. Kharitonashvili.  The Searching of Alternative in the Countries of Transitional and Developing Economics


M. Ganiev.  A New Method of Treatment of New and Old Dislocation of the Acromial end of Clavicle

I. Jalalov, I. Nesterenko, Z. Kurbanova.  The Bacterial Abscesses of Liver. The Condition and Development of Problem

G. Askerkhanov, S. Adilkhanov.  The Thrombolitic Therapy and the Thrombectomy of Acute Venouse Thrombosis


T. Tsitsishvili, I. Modebadze, K. Vashakmadze.  The Georgian Writers about Literature and Art (Project)


A. Gvakharia.  V. Abaev (on the 100th birth anniversary)

M. Chkhartishvili.  International Symposium "Christianity: Past, Present, Future" Tbilisi, Georgia 11-17 October, 2000