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Library Network of Georgia


According to the The Law on Library Management, Library network of Georgia is established according to the territorial and departmental principles. The universal library network includes public and non-public, local and departmental library networks. The library system covers the National Library, scientific library (universal and special), training libraries, public libraries, children's libraries, school libraries and specialized library networks.


National Library is the main library of Georgian library system that organizes bibliographical, library and information science activities. A public library is an important and multiple segment of the unified library system, which being a part of common socio cultural space, ensures full access to information, provides customers with the popular and most asked-for publications, arouses interest in reading and promotes the idea of equality. Libraries play a significant role in the enlightenment of society.


Library system is comprised of city public libraries with central libraries and branches, providing free of charge service.


There are many problems in public libraries nowadays. Library network has been seriously affected by the abolition of centralized financing system and severe economic situation. Number of libraries has been halved since 90-ties of the previous century, what together with the above mentioned problems could be the cause of unsuitability between the rural and urban libraries in regard to quality and quantity.


At present, more than 620 libraries are functioning throughout Georgia. They subordinate to local governments. Library network is maintained in Imereti, Guria, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Racha-Lechkhumi and Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti municipalities. In some regions libraries do not function at all. Dated collections do not satisfy increased interests of users.


Modern changes in library system take time to be introduced in the majority of libraries. Lack of information technologies still remains a problem.

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