T. Simashvili.  Origination of Al-Caida and Stages of Its Development

M. Tvaliashvili, T. Simashvili.  Globalization and New Redistribution of Political Force

E. Elizbarashvili.  The Transition Period of the Georgian Society in the Context of the National Idea and Globalization

N. Edilashvili.  Islamic Extremism: the Threat to the State Security

A. Abzianidze.  Towards the Questions of Political and Legal Relations Between the State and the Church

A. Eliashvili.  The Protection of Democracy from Masses

T. Meskhishvili.  Crisis of Spiritual Culture under Globalization

P. Didebashvili.  Globalization and the Social Progress


M. Gagoshidze.  The Human Being in the Age of Globalization

Z. Tabliashvili.   Globalization and Crizis of Values

Z. Tabliashvili.  Relation Between Person and Society in the Transformation Process

I. Chkhikvadze.  Civil Society and Democracy

D. Osepashvili.  The Magazine in the Mass Media System


N. Ratiani, E. Zamtaradze.  Professional Stress

B. Svanidze.  The Brief Review of the Reasons of a New Art Dehumanization

L. Ioseliani.  Theoretical Sources and Porpoise of the Repertoire Methods

M. Tsibalashvili.  The Influences of Context and Sound on Understanding of the Meaning of an Unknown Word

History, Archaeology, Ethnography

K. Chalatashvili.  Georgian Social Unions in Moscow at the End of the 20th and Beginning of the 21st centuries

K. Pipia.  For the History of Campaign of Sarmates in the Eastern Black Sea Coast

V. Vatsadze.  Towards the Question of Woman Deity -Ainina and Danana

S. Lobzhanidze.  Ethical Principles of the Grow Up (in Caliphs Period) in Islam

S. Devidze.  Sufism - an Object of Islamic Inquisition


L. Pirtskhalava.  Parody – the Device of Expressing Human Tragedy

M. Chomakhidze.  The Search of Good and Lovin Iris Murdoch's "The Sea, the Sea"

S. Zurabiani.  Are there Two Truths?

N. Bolkvadze.  For Time Categories in François Mauriac's Novels

N. Tskvitinidze.  Towards the Questions of Moral Ideals in the Georgian Child and Youth Cinematography

T. Shurghaia.  On the Question of the Structure of an Old Georgian Manuscript

L. Kaulashvili.  The Society of the Spreading of Literacy Among the Georgians and the Printing of the Pedagogical Books

L. Mirtskhulava.  Post-Modernist Tendencies in the Roman of Otar Chiladze "Avelumi"

R. Abuladze.  Some Words on the Feuilleton in the "Droeba"

G. Dudauri.  The People of Khevi, Their Religious World

T. Mdivani.  Biblical Metaphor and its Representation Forms

M. Natadze, T. Mebuke.  Structural-Semantic Study of "The Story of Tristram and Iseult"

D. Betkhoshvili.  The Date of the Writing of the Poem "The Knight in the Panther's Skin"

L. Chavchavadze.  Unknown Publicistic Letters of Alexnadre Kazbegi

I. Iakobashvili.  Publicism of the 90's, of the 19th c. and Georgian Folk Poetic Works ("Kvali")

R. Elizbarashvili.  On the Concordant Translation of the Bible

T. Mosiashvili.  Political Problems in Short Stories by Yusuf Idris

N. Mrevlishvili.  Foreign Vocabulary and Anthroponims in Gelati Translations of Ecclesiasts Interpretation

N. Mrevlishvili.  Lexeme სახე and the Terms Derived from it in Gelati Translations of Ecclesiasts Interpretation

L. Meladze.  Towards the Traditions of Children's Literature in the Old Georgian Writing


K. Shavgulidze, A. Lomtadze.  Ancient Theme in Georgian Scenography

A. Samsonadze.  Towards the Definition of the Term "Choreology"

A. Murachashvili.  The First Unique Masterpiece of Georgian Cinema

M. Tabliashvili.  Towards the Polyphony in The Chamber-Instrumental Ensembles of Some Young Georgian Composers

M. Tabliashvili.  Towards the National Features of Georgian Instrumental-Ensemble Polyphony

K. Ghonghadze.  The Vietnam War Theme in the American Cinematography of the 70's

K. Gogoladze.  Reflection of the Main Objectives of Music in Drawing

S. Tavadze.  Poetic cinematography of Mikheil Kobakhidze

R. Maisuradze, O. Shudra.  Towards the Question of Culturology in the Entrepreneurships

T. Turmanidze.  Almodovar and His Women

L. Osepashvili.  The Image of Twelve Years old Jesus Christ from the Painting of Svetitskhoveli Temple

O. Tabukashvili.  Greta Garbot - the Myth or reality?

N. Germesashvili.  Comedies by Eldar Shengelaia

E. Chelidze.  Tbilisi and Rhirosmani in N. Ignatov's Painting

D. Shugliashvili.  Structural Features of Eight-Tuned System in the Georgian Church Chanting


M. Mchedlishvili.  Types of Implicators and Their Function in Fiction

K. Iluridze.  Towards the Declinations of Pronouns in the Georgian Grammars of the First Half of the 19th Century

T. Kiguradze.  Sources and Stages of Development of Perfect in English, German, Russian and Georgian Languages

M.  Erkomaishvili.  Towards the Origin of "Khipish"

M. Erkomaishvili.  Towards the Origin of One Georgian Slang


Z. Latibashvili.  Influence of the Product of the Increased Biological Activity on the Biochemical Indices of the Blood Serum of Skeletal Muscles of the White Rats


N. Chitorelidze, N. Kiphidze, N. Kakauridze.  Hyperriglyceridemias' Connection with Several Rissk Factors of Atherosclerosis in Patients with Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD)

Information Sciences

M. Chkhenkeli.  General Issue of Methodology Fundamental "Computer Graphics"