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L. Kodua. Christian Morals and Business || Faith and Moral || The Ten Commandments


G. Bagashvili. The Aestetic Polystageness of Georgian Musical Folklore || For Methodologycal Studies of Folklore Aestetic Research || The Aestetic Polystageness of Georgian Musical Folklore


Th. Otkhmezuri. The Manuscripts of Classical Authors in the Byzantine World: Ephrem Mtsire and the "Books of Pagans" || Ambigua ad Iohannem by Maximus the Confessor in Georgian Translation Tradition || On the Peculiarity of the Manuscripts of Ephrem Mtsire"s Translations || The Influence of the Commentaries on the Georgian translations of the Works by Gregory of Nazianzus

Th. Otkhmezuri, K. Bezarashvili. The Greek Original of One Fragment of So Called "Epilogue" by Ioane Petritsi

L. Shatirishvili. Basil of Ancyra"s Work and its Georgian Translation || On Byzantine Author of the 4th Century Basil of Ancyra


D. Nadirashvili. Psychotherapeutic Mechanisms Actualizing and Interrupting the Process of Personality Development || On the Problem of the Evolution of Carl Rogers"Client-Centered Therapy || Psychological Mechanisms of Contact-Separation in the Interaction of a Therapist and a Client || The Influence in psychotherapy || The Psychological Importance of Influence Experienced in Childhood || The Effect of the Psychological Influence of Authority || The Effect of the Psychological Influence of Sympathy || The Effects of Psychological Impact on Human Society || The Attitude Principles and Effects of Psychological Impact of Consistency and Responsibility

N. Burduli. The Role of Characteristics of Social Attitude in Relation among Nations || Characteristics of Social Attitude Dependent on Valency || Valency of Attitude and Characteristics of Social Attitude Independent from It

N. Tskhvedadze. The Zone of Attitude Acceptance and its Role in Inter-ethnic Interactions

M. Tsereteli. Women"s Rights in the Light of Motivation Values || Analysis of Priority Values of Women Achievement Motivation (on the Examples of Excerpts from Tbilisi and Akhaltsikhe) || On the Set Mechanisms of Formation and Action of Gender Consciousness and Gender Stereotypes

T. Kacharava. Peculiarities of Identities in Ethnic Majority and Minority Adolescents

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