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H. Kuprashvili.  Towards the Some Aspects of the Political Communication


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History, Archaeology, Ethnography

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N. Jikia.  The Hospitality Ritual and the Table Etiquette in Georgia


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N. Chikhladze.  "Escape from Capture by St. George" in the Martvili Church Mural Painting


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N. Sebiskveradze.  Towards the Some Information of Caucasus


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E. Partsvania.  The Possibilities of Making a Conclusion by Means of Analogy by IV-VII Grade Pupils

M. Kutelia.  Selection of Special German Terminology and Role-Play Usage for its Further Study and Strengthening

E. Mchedlishvili.  The Usage of Intersubjective Connection of History and Religion in Pupils' Upbringing Process

M. Mamporia.  Pedagogical Role of Evident Examples in Moral Education of Children of Younger School Age

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N. Margiani.  The Influence of Ionizing Radiation


G. Burchuladze.  Varlam Topuria


Uneizat Meilanova