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E. Gachechiladze. From the History of Family Planning in Georgia

Z. Tabliashvili. Social Factors of Economic Crime || Social Structure of Society and Trends Towards the Change

M. Tukhashvili. Demographic and Vocational Qualification Structure of Georgia's Labor Emigrants || Contemporary Migratory Situation and Study Objectives of Population Territorial Movement in Georgia || Factors and Socio-Economic Consequences of Labor Emigration of the Population of Georgia

M. Tukhashvili, N. Chelidze. Factors and Socio-Economic Consequences of Labor Emigration of the Population of Georgia

M. Tukhashvili, M. Shelia. Gender Aspects of Labor Emigration

M. Chkhaidze. Tbilisi Students' Attitudes to Ethnic Minorities

M. Shelia. Peculiarities of the Georgia's Population Aging in the 1990's || Population Aging in Georgia || Main Characteristics of Labor Emigrants' Demographic Structure

O. Shurgaia. Economic Transformation: Standard of Living and Demographic Cataclysms in Georgia


G. Chapidze. Sketches from the History of Political Science


A. Loria. The Rights of Immigrants and Isolated Cases of their Violation


T. Tsopurashvili. The Two Georgian Translations of the Sermon XI by Cyril of Alexandria || The Dictionary of Cyril of Alexandria.

M. Dzigua. Literary Articles

T. Megrelishvili. Mikhail Lermontov`s Antinomies

T. Paichadze. Georgian Lyric Poets || Letters on the 20th Century Literature


L. Kelekhsashvili. Definition of the Basic Directions of Agriculture Development in Regions of Georgia, using Optimization Methods (According to the Materials of Regions Kakheti and Shida Kartli)


N. Zakariadze. Traditional Demographic Values in Georgia || To a Question of Assimilation and Rooting in Georgia the Population of Russian Nationality || George Gamkrelidze’s Role in Development of the Georgian Demography || Newspaper “Iveria” Against Colonial Expansion and National Oppression of Tsarism in Georgia

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