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L. Antonova. Anthropological Concept of E.Kant: Ability of Aesthetical Judgment, Taste || Ability of Judgment as an Anthropological Measurement. E.Kant, "Critic of Judgmental Ability" || Aesthetical Function in Culture || Phenomenology of Spiritual Experience: Anthropomeasurement of Aesthetical || Maestro of Thought. About metaphysics of culture, by Merab Mamardashvili || Creation as an Anthropological Measurement. Christological Concept of N.Berdyaev's "Meaning of Creation" || Loneliness Phenomenon in the Content of Dialogs of Cultures || Feeling of Absolute Beauty. (Dostoevsky and Russian Philosophical Thought) || Tragedy of Esthetics of Gogol || Gentle Period of Pushkin's Poetry || Chatsky as Existential Type of Russian Literature: Experience of Contra-version || Lermontov's Ethical Anthropology

G. Baramidze. Fantasy and world outlook

G. Baramidze, I. Brachuli, T. Pipia. Eduard Shevardnadze - The return of reason to Georgia

V. Beridze. Theories Preceding Vitalism: Animism and Hilodzoism

I. Brachuli. The Superman's World outlook (Hermeneutical paradigms of energetics)

T. Kavtaradze. H. Gadamer's Hermeneutical Philosophy || Towards the Essence of Hermeneutics || Some problems of the Essence of Understanding

T. Khintibidze. The Existential Status of Art in H. Marcuse's Philosophy || The Frankfurt School about Contemporary Tendencies of Civilization

L. Kodua. Moral Functions of the Christian Religion

N. Maisuradze. Category of Freedom: History, Contemporary World, and Problems || Philomenology (Philosophy of love to the life) || The Phenomena of Freedom and Ways of its Realization

B. Mamulashvili. Human Genetics: Ethical Problems of the Present and Future || Ethics in Psychiatry || Moral and ethical Problems of Human Reproduciton || Bioethics and Deontology in Clinical Transplantology

L. Mchedlishvili. Ecthesis in the Aristotelian Syllogistics || A Reconstruction of the Method of Proof by Ecthesis and the Systems of Positive Syllogistics || The Method by Ecthesis and a Reconstruction of the Aristotelian Apodictic Syllogistics || Proof by exposing in the Aristotelian Syllogistics || Towards Semantics for the Aristotelian Apodictic Syllogistics

T. Pachulia. Totolitarianism and Georgia || Anatomy of Fashism || Axiology of Totalitarianism || Fetish Consciousness || Attributes of Totalitarianism || Fundamentals of communism

V. Ramishvili. Christian Democracy and New Orientation

G. Tevzadze. Kant and Fichte in Goethe's "Faust"

L. Tsurtsumia. Aesthetic-anthropological View of Akaki Tsereteli || Philosophic and Aesthetic Views of Niko Nikoladze

Religion. 2002, N 1-2-3 || 2002, N 4-5-6 || 2002, N 7-8-9

Art Criticism

L. Eristavi. The Sound Structure of a Film


L. Samkurashvili. The Treasure of Chorezmshah || Arabisms in the Mediaeval Georgian Medical Book || Towards the date of the Georgian version of  "The treasure of Choresmshah"

K. Tatishvili. The Rite of David the Builder by Anton I Katholikos


I. Beradze. Nico Lomouri. Life and Work


M. Sarchimelia. The usage of the remainder of hearing and developing of hearing perception in the process of teaching of children with poor audibility in elementary school

L. Todua. Exercises for Teaching of The Conversion in English


Georgian Journal of Psychology. 1999, N 1-6

Multidisciplinary Journals

Caucasian Messenger. 2000, N 1-2

The East and Caucasus. 2003, N 1

Progress. 2000, N 1-2 || 2001, N 1-2